Interplay Marketing is a dynamic company established in 2002 with its emphasis on top quality production and delivery of cleaning products/detergents. We manufacture all our products onsite and are always sourcing the best quality raw materials for our manufacturing processes. We have gained an enviable reputation in the manufacturing and distribution of our products in South Africa. Our clients include companies in the hospitality, automotive, domestic and industrial sectors. We also sell wholesale to retail & factory shops.

One of the reasons for our success is our commitment, experience and professionalism in meeting the customer demand for high quality, affordable products. Our experience in the manufacturing of cleaning products, car valet products & and body products enables us to offer a wide range of products both for our own house brand and for private label and other manufacturing brands.

Our processes adaptability, customer service and firm respect for sound business ethics has won Interplay the confidence of customers throughout the current market.

Phosphates found in other cleaning products are one of the most damaging pollutants to waterways. In its effort to be an environmentally sustainable business, Interplay has committed to and manufactures phosphate free and biodegradable cleaning detergents/products. We conduct our business in a responsible manner that safeguards the earth and all its inhabitants. Its product range is concentrated so that we leave the smallest possible footprint on the planet.

Interplays’ commitment to people’s health and the environment is further displayed in our mission and vision statements:


  • To provide and distribute quality products at market related prices that put you, our customer, first.


  • To stay ahead of the rest and to be recognised as a well known and trusted household and brand name.