Cost effective as this product replaces the
conventional multi-purpose cleaner and is a spot
remover. All in one!
Ominclean is formulated for use on all surfaces
incl walls, floors, tiles, wood, shower wall, mildew
on showers, stovetops, bathtubs, washbasins,
Spot treatment on linen, clothing, carpet,
Removes most stubborn fabric stains such as dirt
greasy marks, collar and cuff stains, perspiration
as well as difficult stains such as grass, red wine,
chocolate, food stains
Kills insects instantly
Ready to use – Most effective in undulated form.
For best results use a spray bottle.
Pleasant citrus Fragrance.
Nonflammable biodegradable non corrosive.

Available in 500ml, 750ml, 1L, 2L , 5L and 25L